We team up with our clients to ensure alignment, buy-in, and commitment as this is key to achieving measurable results. We identify cost reduction opportunities and potentials for improving process effectiveness and efficiency across all areas of the business.

We work with the executives, business owners, and management teams to help design the overall business strategy and help on high-value projects such as pricing strategy, market assessments, competitive dynamics, channel strategy, sales force effectiveness and strategic partnerships. Our approach while being objective and fact-based is pragmatic and hands-on and focuses on joint problem solving and rapid implementation to generate tangible value that our clients can capitalize on.


By leveraging our extensive proprietary relationships, we identify attractive companies for sale outside of the auction process. Our buy-side clients never have to compete with a horde of bidders. The exclusive nature of our process enables buyers to extract value from the outset through a lower entry multiple and having the space to negotiate an optimal deal structure with the seller.


We run a focused, customized process to ensure sellers obtain a desirable financial and non-financial outcome while keeping the transaction private and undisclosed to the market. Oftentimes a business owner has a single chance to monetize the value they have worked so hard to achieve their business. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for us to provide comprehensive guidance before, during and after a transaction.

We work with you to understanding your needs and shape the strategy that fits your needs and vision.


At Growth Advisory Partners, we recognize that each client has a different perspective on what transaction will maximize the value they realize. We begin every engagement by first seeking to fully understand the unique personal needs and specific attributes of our clients’ middle-market businesses.

We are acutely aware of the importance our client's place on harvesting the wealth they have spent years creating, protecting the heritage of their business, and the discretion required to eliminate the risk of confidential information being leaked to the market.

By focusing on those critical elements, we ensure our efforts are aligned to lead to an efficient deal process at a lower relative cost to the client. 


We specialize in working with closely-held family businesses that naturally align with Family Office’s focus on the acquisition of private middle-market companies. We add long-term value for our Family Office clients through our proprietary sourcing capabilities that lead to more value being created at the outset of an acquisition.


At Growth Advisory Partners, our focus on sourcing non-auction opportunities helps private equity sponsors mitigate the risk of overpaying for a business or being forced to keep pace with other bidders.

Because the prospective target is not inundated with requests from a multitude of parties, your deal team is able to obtain the specific information it needs in a timely fashion.

As well, sponsors have greater flexibility and leverage in dictating the terms and pace of consummating a transaction, reducing the time and expense often spent on unsuccessful bidding efforts. On the flip side, we also able to facilitate the disposition of non-core assets when applicable to the acquisition process.

Ok, time to get started!